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Bad Dog Gang

Roadkill Lick Mat

Roadkill Lick Mat

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Description & Detail

Discover the calming magic of our Roadkill Lick Mat – your dog's ticket to serenity, anxiety relief, and an endorphin boost, all while curbing those pesky destructive habits. Dogs have their quirks, and if you catch yours licking paws, blankets, or even the furniture, it's their way of finding comfort, much like an infant sucking their thumb.

Crafted right here in Salt Lake City, Utah, our Roadkill Lick Mat is made from FDA-approved, food-grade soft silicone, ensuring it's safe for your furry friend's tongue, teeth, and gums. The silicone's impressive cling factor makes it perfect for smooth surfaces like glass, shower walls, tile, and most laminate floors. Turn grooming sessions, baths, nail clippings, or restless moments into stress-free experiences with the distraction power of a lick mat.

And here's where our "Bad Dog" humor kicks in – we've put a spin on the typical lick mat by embracing our warped sense of humor. Most dogs have a peculiar love for roadkill, so why not offer a safe and humorous alternative? Treat your pup to a quirky and entertaining way to unwind!

Treat Suggestions

Peanut Butter, Greek Yogurt, Cream Cheese, Cottage Cheese, smashed bananas, baby food, canned dog food, blended fruit, raw egg, pumpkin puree, chicken or beef broth, applesauce, sweet potato puree, watermelon, sardines, kefir.

Can be served after freezing or fresh. 

Cleaning & Care

Easy to clean.

Let any excess food dry in the mat and then slapping it in the sink will reduce much of the clean up.

Then simply wash under warm or hot water with a bottle brush or using your fingers, and by hand. Let dry naturally or dry with a cloth.

DO NOT use with a dishwasher!