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Overkill Series - Squirrel Plush+

Overkill Series - Squirrel Plush+

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Meet the Overkill Squirrel – because let's face it, most dogs find joy in playing with dead things or stuff that make us cringe. But hey, we've got a sense of humor, especially for those of us who appreciate guns and adore our furry companions. We've crafted the perfect companion: the Overkill Squirrel. Because why not turn the "disgusting" into a hilarious playtime adventure?... and we get it, most traditional plush toys just don't cut it for your awesome pup!

Our Overkill Series Squirrel boasts three distinct fabric textures and a strategically placed hidden squeaker to keep your pup entertained. Crafted from robust canvas, heavy fabric, and reinforced with nylon piping, it's designed to resist tearing. No worries about plastic eyes coming loose and posing a threat – we've got embroidered blood and eyes for safety.

Labeling it "plush+" emphasizes its durability, offering a sturdier option without claiming indestructibility (which let's face it, no toy is).

We've seen those "chew-proof" toys crumble under pressure, so we won't overpromise and underdeliver. While it's tougher than your average plush toy, remember, every dog plays differently. Keep a close eye on playtime, supervise, and remove the toy when pieces start to break off for the ultimate in safety and longevity. Because playtime should be thrilling, not just for your pup, but for you too!

In the end... Only you know whether the Overkill Squirrel is the right fit for your furry friend!


The size is approx 8.5 tall/ 8" wide/ 2" thick.