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Bad Dog Gang

Bad Dog Box- AVG/Large Dog

Bad Dog Box- AVG/Large Dog

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Save money and time on natural treats in one box! We know the struggle of finding fresh and reasonably priced natural dog treats like bully sticks, chicken hearts, pig ears etc for our dogs, Dior and Coco. After two years of searching for a trustworthy U.S. source, we've finally secured treats that are consistently fresh, not stale or small. Tired of the increasing prices at our usual local and big box stores, we decided to share our find by offering our own treats at great prices.

Introducing our treat boxes—order anytime and save on shipping. Our treats are 100% natural, sourced ethically from grain-free, grass-fed, free-range animals, and packaged by us to keep costs down. They're protein-rich, high in amino acids for muscle development, and 100% digestible with real meat. Plus, they naturally promote dental health by scrubbing teeth and gums. We can't wait to get these treats into your hands and your furry friends' paws. We have also begun getting locally sourced meat, going from farm to table in just a few days making them as fresh as it gets.

Please note that treats may rotate monthly based on availability and freshness.

The Bad Dog box includes one pouch of organ treats, two pig ears, and a bully stick. Treat your dogs to the best!

What Comes In A Bad Dog Box

Within the Box lies a carefully curated selection:

-One bag of organ treats.

-Two pig ears

-Beef Bully Stick bully stick.

The organ treats are on a constant rotation based on the current rendering of animals as well as variety, freshness, and availability.

Examples include Beef Heart, Chicken Heart, Beef Lung, Beef Livers, Chicken Liver, Rabbit Bites (containing ground organs), and Venison.

It's a diverse array that adds a touch of culinary adventure to your dog's treat experience.

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