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6” or 12" Bully Stick (Standard)

6” or 12" Bully Stick (Standard)

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Obviously, you want the best for your dog, and we are no different! Introducing the treat that sparked a revolution for us: Our own Premium Bully Sticks. Fed up with the escalating costs and subpar quality of Bully Sticks at our local big-box pet stores, we embarked on a mission to provide a superior option for our dogs... and for yours!

We believe your dog deserves the best, and so do you. That's why we've partnered with trusted farmers to source the finest ingredients for your doggo. Our Bully Sticks are crafted from 100% grass-fed, free-range cattle, ensuring a natural and wholesome treat. Packed with amino acids that support brain health and coat maintenance, these sticks are a delightful way to show your pup some love.

Beyond the delicious flavor, our Bully Sticks contribute to your dog's dental hygiene. As they chew, they naturally scrape away plaque and tartar from their teeth. These sticks are 100% digestible, high in protein, and contain no fillers, preservatives, hormones, or chemicals—ideal for sensitive stomachs.

For your convenience, each pack comes in a resealable pouch to keep the sticks fresh. However, a heads up: Bully Sticks may have a mild odor, and some owners prefer letting their dogs enjoy them outside. Additionally, please supervise your dog while they indulge, as the sticks become smaller with consumption and could pose a choking hazard to some animals.

Treat your dog to the pinnacle of natural goodness with our Bully Sticks—because only the best will do for your loyal companion.

Warning: Bully Sticks tend to have an odor to them. Although these have a mild odor, some dog owners may want to let them be chewed outside if the smell is bothersome. Also please keep an eye on your dog as they enjoy the treats. They become smaller as they are consumed and could cause a choking hazard to some animals. 


~100% Natural single ingredient treats.

~Sourced from grass-fed, free-range cattle.

~100% digestible ideal for sensitive stomachs.

~High protein and low in fat.

~Ethnically & sustainably sourced. 

~No Additives, fillers, hormones, preservatives, or chemicals.

~Comes in both 6" & 12" lengths.