Raw Reviews

Welcome! We created this space for dog owners like us. We spend hundreds of dollars a year on products. Most of them are great, some aren’t.

We wanted to do honest reviews on the products we buy for our own dogs. We ARE NOT PAID for any of the reviews on this page and we wanted real reviews you could count on. Enjoy!

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Originally we saw this on Instagram. I instinctively knew by the $36.00 price tag it was a scam. So I did an exhaustive search looking for the original vacuum pet groomer. After finding it on Amazon we went ahead and purchased it. Here’s our thoughts on it. 


Snuffle Mats. The majority of dog owners don’t even know what a snuffle mat is, or the benefits it may have with their dogs. Well here is our review of the two most popular ones on Amazon. 

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(this page was updated on Feb 21st, 2023).