Raw Feeding Guide

Why Feed Raw Dog Food?

Increase Your Dogs Lifespan

50% of dogs will become overweight & could suffer from cancer due to standard diets, such as kibble and similar foods. Cancer feeds on starchy and sugary foods  like kibble. Properly balanced, raw diets can decrease the risk of cancer & decrease unnecessary fat while increasing muscle mass. The average dog lives 10-13 years. Switching your dog to a raw diet could potentially increase their lifespan by 3+ years.

Increase Their Immune System

An all natural raw diet helps dogs absorb more vitamins and minerals to keep their gut clean & healthy. 80% of your dog's immune system is in their gut health. So a healthy gut is a crucial part of their overall health. A stronger immune system decreases your dog's risk of contracting diseases, viruses & infections. Raw diets reduce inflammation & yeast buildup that can lead to allergies.

Healthier Skin & Coat

Raw diets increase dogs' natural oils, active enzymes, fatty and amino acids. This reduces itchy dry skin, hair loss, hot spots, dandruff & shedding. All while giving dogs noticeably hydrated skin & shinier coats.

Much Better Digestion

Raw diets are what dogs are biologically built to eat. It’s the most digestible diet for them. Raw diets have a high amount of digestive enzymes, probiotics & natural hydration, which makes it much easier for dogs to break down + digest. Surprisingly, all natural raw diets help dogs poop smaller, less frequently & less smelly.

Optimal For Dental Health

By the young age of 2 years old, 80% of dogs develop periodontal mouth disease due to tartar buildup. This spreads to the heart, brain & lungs, but it can be prevented by feeding dogs raw meaty bones. Fortunately, a raw bone is nature's toothbrush. When dogs crunch raw bones, the bone scrapes tartar off their teeth & the meat acts as floss, naturally cleaning their gums. Raw diets are also known to whiten teeth & surprisingly decrease bad breath.

*WARNING: Please NEVER feed dogs cooked bones. Cooked bones can splinter and be lethal. Dogs should ONLY eat RAW bones.