Our Story

In 2014, the concept for Bad Dog Gang was unleashed. While perusing the dog section of our local pet supply chain, my wife and I noticed a gap—nothing reflected our personalities or the attitudes of our dogs. The market was saturated with "happy good dog" vibes, lacking the edge and bad attitude our dogs embodied. Where were the products for our dogs with attitude and big personalities? The idea sparked a conversation on the ride home, and my wife had a brilliant product concept. We both got excited and I ran with the idea!

Being a product design engineer, I dedicated the next five years to relentless design and pursuing patents. When we officially filed the paperwork for Bad Dog Gang, we already held several issued patents and had more in the pipeline. We're passionate about bringing innovative original designs to the dog market, and on June 25, 2020, we proudly launched our first product—a mere glimpse of the many more to follow. Get ready to embrace the spirit of your "Bad Dog" with products that finally match their unique personalities.

Our Mission

We're here for the Bad Dogs!... The ones that get in trouble, the ones that have some reactive tendencies, the ones that don't listen, the ones no else but their owners understand. If your dog has an attitude, they're in the right place! We don’t make “happy good dog” products. We make quality original products for Bad Dogs ONLY!

Here at Bad Dog Gang, we understand that dogs, like their owners, don't always conform. We focus on crafting products for those who live life on their terms, unapologetically embracing their unique style. Whether you're into hunting, shooting, the great outdoors, making waves, or simply have sense of humor and cherish your dogs, our products are designed to express your personality and interests.

In our gang, there are no boundaries, we have sold our products all over the world — race, language, or background doesn't matter. Our dogs are family, and we believe in treating them as such. If you share our spirit or are just tired of the same old dog products, come join our gang!

“We make your Bad Dog look Good”!