Our Story

How It Began:

The idea for Bad Dog Gang started back in 2014. My wife and I were looking around the dog section at our local pet supply chain. We noticed there wasn’t anything that represented us, our personality, or our interests. Everything was oozing “happy good dog” with bright colors and boring themes... what about our dogs? They have some major attitude and big personalities.  Where were the products for them?...where were the products for “Bad Dogs”?
We talked about it on the ride home and she had a great idea for a product. Instantly, we both got excited! As a product design engineer, I spent the next five years doing nothing but designing products and paying for patents. The day we filed the paperwork for Bad Dog Gang, we already had several issued patents in our hands and more patent applications pending. We’re working hard to get a new product designs into your hands as fast as we can. We released our first product on June 25, 2020 and it’s just the first of many to come!


The Mission:

We're here for the Bad Dogs!... The ones that get in trouble, the ones that have some reactive tendencies, the ones that don't listen, the ones no else but their owners understand. If your dog has an attitude, they're in the right place! We don’t make “happy good dog” products. We make quality original products for Bad Dogs ONLY!
Here at Bad Dog Gang we focus on making products to fit dogs, and owners that don’t quite fit in, don't care and won't be told what to do! We enjoy our life on our terms! We want everyone like us, to feel like they are a part of our gang. It doesn’t matter what race you are, or what language you speak our dogs mean the world to us. We want to provide quality products that express your personality, your interests in hunting, shooting, and/or the outdoors, making waves or just the love for your pets. Our dogs are members of our family, if they can’t be treated that way they shouldn’t be owned. If you sound like us...or are just bored with the dog products that are out ...come join our gang! “We make your Bad Dog look Good”!