Enrichment Ideas

Natures Snuffle Mat

Let your dog tire themselves out by using the nature around them as a snuffle mat in the warm months. 

Do It Yourself Bottle Puzzle

Learn how you can easily create a puzzle treat toy for dog from items probably already around you. Puzzle toys like this require your dog to use their mind, tiring them out. Almost any container with a tight lid could be used. Please supervise your dog playlist with any toy and do not leave them alone to play.  

How to prepare a lick mat. 

Jake quickly shows you how to prepare a dessert lick mat for your dogs. using our RoadKill Lickmat  and fresh ingredients. 

Lick Mats are great way to relieve stress and anxiety in dogs and helps them release endorphins and pent up energy. It’s a great distraction on stormy nights or other times the dog just needs to relax.

Making a high protein lick mat for your dog.

Here we’ll show you how to make a high protein lick mat for your dog that is full of essential vitamins and is great for reducing stress, anxiety, and boredom in your pup.

Raw chicken and bones are perfectly SAFE for dogs. Do NOT use cooked chicken as the bones splinter another being cooked and could cause serious injury including death. The benefits of raw feeding is no loss in essential vitamins that your dog will receive.

Using a towel for enrichment play.
We’re showing you how to use a towel for enrichment play. This exercise wears out dogs by making them use their nose and brain to solve the puzzle. Great for boredom and distraction or just giving your dog another outlet of play. We use a hand towel in the video however typically a full size towel is used.