“bLeM” Grenade Dog Waste Dispenser

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“Blemished” Hand Grenade Dog Waste Bag Dispenser.

These are “printing blems” of our Grenade Waste Bag Dispensers. They have been screwed up during the pad printing process. Other than that there is no issue with these at all. They just did not meet our standards. Some are worse than others, but the vast majority (98%) are in almost perfect condition. 

They DO NOT come with: Poop Bags, Metal Carabiner, or Packaging. 
There are NO Returns available on these either.
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1:1 full-scale grenade dispenser. Made from a tough polymer blend. 

We were tired of seeing the same ol’ thing every time we went to pet stores and saw what was available on the open market. So we decided to make something we wanted to carry, and why not carry something cool? If you have to carry something around to pick up dog poop, it might as well be fun to carry. The reactions we get carrying ours around are priceless! Not for the shy or faint of heart! It will draw attention!