Bad Dog Box

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My wife and I always got annoyed trying to find bully sticks and pig ears for our dogs (Dior & Coco) that were fresh and at a reasonable price. Typically they were too small or just old and stale. To make matters worse, the price is now increasing weekly at the places we used to buy them! It took us two years to finally find a direct source here in the U.S. we could trust, so we know the treats are fresh when we get them and haven't been sitting in packages for months in some warehouse somewhere. We are delighted to be able to offer our own treats now, at a great price to our customers. We decided to make a treat box so you can order some treats anytime and save on shipping. 

With five all-natural one ingredient treats in our Large Bad Dog Box and 4 in our Small Bad Dog Box, Our treats are 100% natural, from grain-free grass-fed, free-range animals that are ethically sourced and packaged ourselves saving us money so that we can pass on the savings to you. They are high in protein and rich in amino acids that help to support muscle development. They are also 100% digestible with natural ingredients using real meat. They also naturally scrub teeth and gums helping with good dog health. We can't wait to get this box into your hands and their paws soon!!

Treats may rotate each month depending on availability and freshness.

The large Bad Dog box will contain: 3 pouches of organ treats, a Pig Ear, and a Bully Stick. This option does not currently come in the printed box shown above. 

The Small Bad Dog box will contain: 1 pouch of organ treats, two Pig Ears, and a Bully Stick.

The little dog option will contain two smaller bully sticks for smallmouths in place of 1 standard bully stick.