silicone ice cube trays in dog shapes made for dog treats

Amazon Silicone Mold Trays

These Silicone Dog Treat Molds are the same ones we used when we shot videos for our "Receipes & Treat" section in our App. They work great for the price and there is very few options out there for similar products. 

On the "Pro" list:

  • These are super cheap.
  • They are dish washer safe even with a heated dry cycle.
  • They release food easily. 
  • They are food grade silicone.
  • They are very durable.

On the "Con" list:

  • They are incredibly flimsy and will easily spill after filled.
  • They don't stack at all.
  • They will warp if not stored flat.

All that said, we bought more to use and used them dozens of times. We are also developing our own to fix the above issues. The paw ones are a good snack size for medium dogs and the bones are a great size for supplements or small dog treats.


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